Monday, March 21, 2011

Walgreens Trip 3/19

I'm feeling more and more comfortable with Walgreens. Granted it doesn't hurt that this trip didn't need to involved multiple transactions (although the cashier was more than ready for me to have them).  I started off with $9 in RR (left over from the Swiffer/Schick deals last week) and I was initially worried that I'd only be able to use 1 per transaction (as it seems that some stores set this limit and some don't), so I did the easy thing.... I asked before I checked out.  The girl I asked confirmed that I could use as many as I had so long as my number of coupons did not exceed the number of items purchased.  As luck would have it, they had a great filler for me this week with the 3 padded envelopes for $1.  I'd also read mixed reviews on the ability to use the BOGO Right Aid coupon on top of the BOGO sale.  I didn't ask about this, I just tried it and the cashier did it without saying a word.

So here's what my transaction looked like:
1 Listerine (1L) @ $3.99 (sale)
-$1 coupon
2 Right Guard @ BOGO $4.49
-BOGO coupon
1 Dial Nutriskin lotion @ $4.99 (sale)
-$2 coupon
2 Blistex @ $1 (sale)
- (2) $.35 coupons
6 Scotch padded mailers @ 3/$1 (with in-ad Q)

=$10.66 - $9RR = $2.66 OOP (got back $4RR from Listerine & Dial)

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