Monday, March 21, 2011

Rite Aid Trip 3/19

When I got to the store and looked through the ad I noticed that there was nothing mentioned about the Clean & Clear +UP deal (however, the in-ad coupon was present for a change).  I decided that the coupon stack (and the amount of +UPs I have) made this a good enough deal even without getting more +UPs, so I picked up 3 Clean & Clear items.  While shopping, I did something I don't do often enough and actually kept a running total of my items on my calculator. I thought I had the math all figured out on how much I'd need in order to use my +UPs and even picked up 2 pieces of candy as filler, so that I could use $7 worth of +UPs.  I just forgot to take into account the 10% off I get for Silver status.  I'm still learning and luckily, I had another +UP that was $1 less than the 2 I'd planned to use.

3 Clean & Clear items @ $5.84 (after 10% Wellness discount)
- (3) $2/1 Clean & Clear in-ad Qs
- (3) $2/1 Clean & Clear printable Qs
3 packs Dixie paper plates @ $1.97
- $5/3 Video Value Q
1 Blistex @ $1
- $.35/1 Q
2 Russell Stover candies @ 2/$1

- $3/$15  Servey Coupon
- $6 +UPs
= .32 OOP (got back $5+UP and another survey invitation)

This is a huge savings considering that we have always bought our paper plates at CostCo. When I was in CostCo yesterday I noticed their price for 170 of the same paper plates is over $12. I got 135 paper plates for less than $1 (before using any +UPs).

Saturday was an awesome day for drugstore shopping, for me.  I'm finding that even though stores might be out of items at the end of the week, the trip, overall, is less pressure-filled than it would be earlier in the week. The stores are less busy and I can take my time a little more.  And since the stores aren't as busy the cashiers don't mind multiple transactions as much or taking their time to ring you out.

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