Thursday, January 13, 2011

North Alabama Readers

Do I have any readers in North Alabama that got the Enjoy the City coupon books that some schools were selling in the fall?

There were $5/$50 and $5/30 coupons for three different grocery stores in the booklets (Star Market, Griners & Food World). Since Publix accepts competitor coupons you can use these at Publix stores. However, our North AL stores have all gotten together and agreed that a store has to be within X miles for them to consider it a competitor. That being said, I have 4 (and about to have 8 more) coupons for Food World ($5/$50) that I can't use because I'm too far from the closest one. If you are in an area (Decatur?) that has Food World and would like to trade your Griners or Star Market coupons for Food World coupons, please contact me.

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