Thursday, January 13, 2011

Free Stuff - Just Ask

Did you know that companies will send you stuff if you ask them too?

So a few weeks ago I picked up some Steak Umms, this is something I loved as a kid and usually forget I love them until I run across them in the store and buy them again.  That said, I've never seen a coupon for them.  So I emailed and asked if they ever put out coupons. I let them know how much I enjoy their product, etc.  They wrote me back to say that they don't do coupons BUT to let me know how much they appreciated their customer (me) they were sending me some "premiums" and a check for $12.96 (the cost of 2 packages at Wal-mart).  Ok, I can deal with that, even if I had no idea what premiums were.  I was guessing that premiums are things with the Steak-Umms brand on them.  I was write.  Today my package from Steak Umms arrived. I happily tore into it to see what "premiums" were.  It seems that in this case it was 2 hats and 2 (very nice) pens (the hats are pretty nice too).  And, of course, that check!  Cool.  $13 for just telling a company that I like their product.  That works for me.

Buoyed by their response I decided to email another company whose product we love but I never see coupons for: Smuckers.  We love their sugar-free peanut butter and while they often put out coupons for their jellys, I've not seen one that I could use on their peanut butter.  So I emailed. I never heard anything back, but they evidently got my email because today in my mail I also received two .55/1 Smuckers coupons.  I'll be honest and say I'd rather they had been .50/1 coupons (they double) but I'll take what I can get.

So the picture, that's what was in my mail today.  It's like a little bit of Christmas ;)

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