Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's like my Grocery Budget Keeps Multiplying (Week 3 Spending Totals)

I posted last week about how I was running into the end of my grocery money before the end of the month.  I had 2 weeks left to go in my budget and only $50 left of the $200 we'd budgeted.  It's like the "loaves and fishes" as it keeps seeming to never go away.

First off, I spent about $35 last week, so either I added wrong somewhere or some money just magically appeared in my grocery envelope because there's still $35 in there.

Next, I got a check from Steak-Umms after I sent them a complimentary email on their product, for $12.96.  Then today I got another check in the mail, this time from Proctor & Gamble, it was my $20 Beauty rebate, for purchasing $50 worth of product in the last quarter of last year. (that $50 worth of product actually cost me a total of $7.37 after coupons and rebate).

So I may actually start next month with a little extra in the grocery fund.  I've still got a trip to make to Publix before Tuesday is over and I'm figuring that trip will probably cost me about $25 (depending on how much of what I want is in stock, although most of what I figure they are likely to be sold out of is the stuff I plan to get for free).

So where do I stand after Week 3 of 2011? (Week 1) (Week 2)
  • CVS $2.14 (for  $27.75 worth of purchases)
  • Walgreens 4.40 (for $8.98 worth of purchases)
  • Publix $20.40 (for $35.68 worth of purchases)
  • Walgreens $8.06 (for$11.97 worth of purchases, plus got back a $5RR)
I don't normally include the RR, ECB or +UP in these totals but it's mainly because I started the year with ECBs and +UPs.  I haven't been to Walgreens in a while so this is the first one in quite a while.  It will factor in when I go back next week as there are a couple of different things in their ad next week that I want to pick up.

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