Sunday, January 16, 2011

1/2 way through the month and 3/4 of the way through the money (Weekly Totals Week 2)

So it's the 16th and we have $50 left in our grocery envelope, which means I've already spent more than $150 this month on grocery and drugstore items.  Our current budget is $200/month and I had some cash left from last month.  I also have a $12 check that I received from Steak Umms as a response to my request for coupons (hey, I'll take that!).

Out of $50, at least $20 of that will spent on milk and peanut butter in the next two weeks.  Paul is down to his last jar of peanut butter (which means I'm looking at least 3 more before the month is over @about $4/jar, and another $10 for milk for both of us.  Then I need to get by Walgreens and get him at least 10 more Gatorade's while I can get them 5/$4.

After this month, we definitely won't be getting the full monthly allowance out at once. We usually get it out of the bank in 2 week increments, but we accidentally got out a full months worth at the start of this month and I think that's thrown off spending to some degree.  The thing is while I've done some deal shopping, I've not done much of it in comparison to what I'd done in previous months. 

If we have to, we can adjust the budget and increase our grocery fund, but I'm hoping to not do that.  Most of our spending was still in that first week of the month (granted we were snowed in for half of this week, which helps).

So here are the purchases for this week (see week 1 here)
  • CVS - $2.90  (for $55 worth of purchases)
  • Rite Aid - $6.07 (for $30 worth of purchases)
  • Rite Aid - $10.40 (for $45 worth of purchases)
  • Publix - $46.44 (for $122 worth of purchases)
Sad thing is that on that Publix trip they were completely out of several of the items I wanted to get (granted with the exception of a meat cut that was on sale they were items that would result in very little OOP and great savings).  

So far this month I've spent just under $175, with a savings of just under $335 (or 69%).


  1. Are there just two of you at home? My grocery budget is $300 a month but I'm still stockpiling. If it makes you feel any better I only have $39.56 plus $10 in Register Rewards left in my budget for the month.

  2. There are just two of us. We've been working to reduce our grocery budget and just dropped it to the current # after 3 months of stockpiling (this is our second decrease to the grocery budget.