Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why FREE Samples are awesome!

Often when we think of free samples we think "is it really worth giving them my info just for a small sample of something?".  At least I know I've thought that.  But, I'd like to share my thoughts on why it is worth while.

1. There are some products you don't use a lot of and often a FREE sample can be all you need to last a very long time.
2. Sometimes free samples are more than just a sample.  In the last few months I've gotten some really awesome "samples", where I thought they were just going to send me a "sample" and what I got was a full size product or several.
  • Right @ Home samples - I received a box of full size cleaning products (4 different kinds of cleaning wipes, probably $20 at full price in the store).
  • Coffee - I've gotten "samples" of coffees from 3 different companies that were definitely more than just a taste.  Green Mountain coffee sent me 4 Keurig K-cups and a travel coffee mug and all I had to do was ask.
  • Scotch Blue Painters tape - a full roll, just waiting for us to need to paint another room.
3. They almost always come with really good coupons!  I don't hesitate to ask for a sample on a product I know I will use (especially if it's something I already use) because I know it will come with a coupon so that I can later buy that product at a much reduced price.  Usually, the coupons that come with samples are of a higher dollar value than coupons you may find elsewhere.

All that said, I know a big worry about asking for free samples is wondering where else your address may end up.  So far I've not seen a major increase in junk mail since we started getting free samples, but I have saved a good bit of money.  There are some sites that I will hesitate to ask for a free sample from. I'm not a fan of sites that have obviously been translated from another language, or of going through hoops to get a free sample.  I'll give you my name & address (and even an email address) but don't ask me pages and pages of survey questions.  If I won't sign myself up for it, you won't see me sharing it here.

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