Saturday, January 8, 2011

This Week's Totals

So evidently I'm not going to be shopping one week out of this month (or going to be doing a lot less for the next 3), since I spent 2 weeks worth of money out of my grocery envelope this past week.  It was evidently my first trip to Publix (early this past week) that did me in; that and the trip to CostCo (which alone was almost a full week's grocery money).

So here are the trips we did this past week:
  • CostCo - $32 (ish - I sent hubby and I never actually got the receipt from him)
  • Publix - $43.90
  • Rite Aid - $1.68 OOP (used $11 in +UPs, got back $2+UPs)
  • CVS - $3.60 OOP (used $6.50ECB, got back $10ECB)
  • Kroger - $13.11 (also got a Catalina for $1 off next purchase)
  • Publix - $12.66
Total for the Week: $106.95

I did manage to stay within my plan to keep my total OOP at the drugstores at under $5 total.  I'm hoping to continue that this week.

It's scary to think that that's half my cash for the month, so I guess I really have to tighten my spending belt for the rest of the month.


  1. We have none of those stores around here. We have Walmart, Albertson's, Broulim's, Fred Meyer, Smith's, Wags and a Sam's Club. The only thing I buy at Sam's club is beer and meat. The rest of my shopping is sale shopping.

    I want a Publix! FM and Smiths feature Kroger items though.

  2. We used to have Albertson's. We have both Sams & Costco here (I prefer CostCo).