Friday, January 7, 2011

Bra Shopping & Sales

It's that time ladies, time to go bra shopping!

Victoria's Secret is having their Semi-Annual sale, with clearance prices as low as ? and many bras marked down to $19.  A friend of mine told me she managed to snag 5 bras for just $57 out the door.  I went and didn't have the same luck (then again I'm a few -who am I kidding - sizes bigger than she is).  I also noticed that at one of the VS stores I went into all the bras felt like they were melting. I don't know if it's a new material they are using or if they really were melting.  But, the inside of the bras felt sticky; like if you put them on you'd sweat to death, but your boobs would stay put.  I didn't find those at the second VS store I went into, but I also didn't find any bras in my size, at either store.

JCPenney has all of their bras (in the $30 range) B1G1 50%.  However, even there I only managed to find one that fit me well (and it was clearance, just $16.99).

Sears is also having a sale with all of their bras marked down 40% off.  By the time I got there I'd had enough of trying on bras and didn't find the same one I'd already bought so I just didn't buy.

Guys really don't realize how lucky they are to not have to wear these things.

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