Friday, January 7, 2011

How to Remove Duplicates Entries in Google Reader

In the last couple of months my number of RSS subscriptions has grown dramatically.  I use Google Reader, which does make it much easier to scan through them all, but it doesn't organize them alphabetically (or I haven't figured out how to) and it doesn't detect when you have duplicate feeds.

Unfortunately, I've had a LOT of duplicate feeds.  This happens when the blog author sets up duplicate RSS feeds; often when they move their blog from a site like blogger to their own domain and create a new feed, but the old one still exists and still gets updated.  With upwards of 1000+ new posts/day in my reader it was getting insane to keep track of them all.  I noticed the duplicates but I couldn't find an easy way to get rid of them.  When I look at the list it's all jumbled with no organization.  The only thing I could figure out to do was to look at ALL the new posts and then notice when there were two of the same in a row, write down the name of that blog then go back and try to find one of the entries and remove it.

I even Googled how to get rid of duplicates and couldn't find an easier answer.  Then I finally started playing in my settings. I've been in there before but it's been a while.  On the top right of Google Reader, you'll see a link that says "Settings". 

Click that and it drops down to give you the options of "Reader Settings" or "Google Account Settings".  Select "Reader Settings", then click on Subscriptions.  You'll find that when you do the page lists ALL of your RSS subscriptions in alphabetical order, and on the right side you'll see the option to delete a subscription.  With the feeds in alphabetical order you can easily see the duplicates and then choose to delete one (or more) of them, making it easier to keep up with your subscriptions later.

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