Friday, January 7, 2011

More Extreme Couponing

Evidently TLC got the response they wanted out of the show Extreme Couponing and they will be bringing us more of the Extreme fun.  According to Entertainment Weekly, Extreme Couponing will be returning for at least 12 1/2-hour episodes.

Thinking another potential title could be "Organized Hoarding".  I actually hope that in the new episodes they pare down the focus a little bit and just do one couponer per episode (since they will be shorter episodes), so we can get a broader view into each one.


  1. I also think it should entail a normal couponer. Maybe not so extreme. I'm not trying to fill my garage with stuff or take over another room in my house. I don't want a 50 year supply of toilet paper, deodorant, floss or toothpaste. If I moved, can you imagine having to move all that? I like the idea of having a three month supply until things go on sale again. :)

    I seriously thought "mental illness" regarding a couple of the couponers on the premiere. Scary. I plan before I shop, but I don't go overboard. I want to save as much as I can, just as we all do. I don't order coupons from clipping services nor do I dumpster dive, but I do save coupons from the Sunday papers at work, my moms and my own and belong to a number of blogs and emails to direct me to some good buys.

    They closed down the only Rite Aid in 80 miles and Wags confuses the hell outta me. :) I HATE Walmart. Anyway... just my $0.02. :)

  2. I thought the last of the 4 they showed was pretty normal... well in comparison to the other 3.

    I have ordered coupons from Ebay twice (20+ coupons for $1) when it was a particular item that I know we'd use and where the coupons would be a really good savings. I just used the last of the 30 Old El Paso coupons I ordered today (snagging cans of refried beans for .25-.33 each). I got a dirty look from one cashier the first day I used a batch of those (8 at a time, at the same time I was buying about the same # of mashed potatoes). She asked if I was going to eat them all (as if she expected me to say "no I was donating them") - "um, yes they are a major staple in my house" and they are.

    Unfortunately, I think the general appeal of this show will be much like that of hoarders... the train wreck aspect.