Saturday, April 9, 2011

You're One of Those Coupon Ladies

Yesterday, on my way into Publix I saw a lady who had just finished loading her car. I asked if I could take her buggy for her. She said "Sure", then looking at me commented, with a smile, "You're one of those coupon ladies!".

"Yes, Yes I am". Although, I'm not sure what gave me away. Some people see my little coupon box and instantly think coupons, others look at it and think it's a purse. Either way, I do get lots of compliments on it.

The cashier, yesterday, also properly identified it, commented that she loved it because of the zebra print. It only took me 3 months of couponing to finally find a system that worked for me and I do still love it. There are times I wish it had a few more dividers and when I buy another one I may label it a bit differently, if only because our shopping habits have changed a little bit. After 4 months of use it's starting to wear out a little bit on the inside, small tears here and there. But, I will carry my little zebra coupon box as long as I can. Then I'll grab another 40% Off coupon for Hobby Lobby and go buy another one for $6.

1 comment:

  1. Love it! I have a pink binder for mine. Had a man follow me through 2 aisles of Kroger last week. He finally walked up and started asking me all kinds of coupon questions! Said his wife was thinking about getting into coupons. After we talked he said he was going home to tell her to get started! :)