Saturday, April 9, 2011

04-09 CVS Trip - Cereal Killer Deal

This was one of those weeks where my shopping list was really kind of vague.  There were a couple of things on the list but it was more a "check it and see if it's really a deal when you get there" kind of list.  I almost walked out with nothing until I went to look at the cereal section and saw a deal I'd somehow missed in the ad.

Special K 3/$10, get a $4ECB wyb 3

It just so happens that Special K is my cereal of choice and with the recent changes to our eating habits, cereal is now something I'm trying to stock up on (we had 0 boxes a month ago).  $3/$10 was not a good price, IMO, but 3/$6 (after the ECB) was decent.  The $2/3 coupon I had in my coupon box made it even better, as did the $6.50 worth of ECBs that the Magic Coupon Machine printed out, unexpectedly (seasonal ECB and Beauty bonus).

In the end, I paid $1.97 OOP (after tax) and got back $5 in ECB (thanks to green bag tag reward).

I'd say that's a good deal on cereal! What do you think?


  1. does this count towards the beauty bonus too?

  2. I don't think The Beauty bonus I mentioned was the $5 I earned from last quarter that printed off for me when I was there. I used it to buy the cereal.

    Then again I'm always surprised at what counts as "beauty".