Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sometimes You Gotta Splurge

A dear friend of mine gave me a piece of advice when I first started this journey. Her advice was that sometimes you have to splurge.  While you want to stockpile things you'll use and you know you'll eat, there are those items that you don't really buy / eat often enough to stockpile.  The particular instance she gave me this advice on involved a Coke. I rarely drink soda (and neither does my husband) so it makes little sense for us to keep it around the house.  This means that when we do want it we end up paying full price for it.  My friend's advice was that that little splurge isn't going to break your bank and it's worth it for your peace of mind.

She was so right.  That's why I bought my husband the chips today (and yes they were on sale too).  I know he'll enjoy them and that knowledge... and the thought of the smile it will bring to his face, is well worth the cost of a small splurge.

So don't feel bad for that once in a while splurge for something you don't normally buy.  You may have paid full price and looking at that price may make you groan a little, but think about the end result, the smile it will bring, or the yummy taste on your tongue as you enjoy that special treat.  It's worth it.

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