Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My $7.49 Splurge Trip

I went to Kroger today to use my last (3) $3 coupons from the Daytona Mega sale. I had my transactions all planned out just in case they forced me to do a limit of 1 coupon per transaction.  Rarely would I think I got lucky to end up in a line with a new cashier, behind someone who only after getting their total realized they didn't have enough money... but today was my lucky day.  I'm guessing since the cashier was brand new the Floor Supervisor was bagging for her to be nearby in case there were any questions and to train her.  I'd already set my items out as individual $3 transactions, but went ahead and asked about the limit.  The Floor Supervisor scoffed and said "don't worry about it, we'll take them all".  And, so they did.  It's a good thing too because as I look at my receipt, I see that I would have had to adjust my plan due to e-coupons (they DO stack!)

The splurge was the Kettle chips at $2.50. My husband loves these and I saw them up front near the register... in the impulse buy zone!

What I got...
2 California Pizza Kitchen pizzas @ $4.77 = $9.54
1 Kettle Chips @ $2.50 e = $2.50
6 Kroger beans @ .60e = $3.60
6 Kroger tomato sauce @ .55 e = $3.30
= $18.94+tax

 With these coupons....
- .75 eCoupon for California Pizza Kitchen pizza
(2) $1.25/1 California Pizza Kitchen pizza
(3) $3 off purchase (from Daytona Mega Sale)

= $7.49 (after tax)

Total before sale & coupons would have been = $25.51(before tax), for a savings of 73%

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