Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So Much For the Splurge

So Paul came home and I found out that the chips I thought were his favorite... weren't.  Evidently, he's made the same mistake himself before (right flavor, wrong brand).  So we took them back.

I'd planned to run by Publix and pick up some more salad while it was on BOGO, but while we were at CostCo picking up prescriptions and getting gas I checked their prices on salad mix and found out they were about the same as what we'd pay at Publix with the BOGO.  Another win for CostCo.

I also double checked their price on Swiffer Wet cloths (which we happen to need) and found that they run about the same as the really good sale price that Rite Aid has going right now (just under $13 for 48 cloths), but with the BOGO coupon in this week's paper, Rite Aid wins (for now), not to mention that I have over $30 in +UPs to spend at the moment (that will buy a LOT of Swiffer refills).

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