Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eat Cheap With

I've not tried yet mainly because until this week they only had one restaurant listed in my area.  I just read on Rocket City Savings, however, that we now have about 16 different restaurants listed so I might finally give them a try.  Normally, is like a 1/2 Off site, you can buy a gift certificate to various restaurants for about 50% Off.  For instance, the first restaurant listed in my area is Gibson's BBQ, which is offering $10gc for just $5 or a $25gc for just $15.  However, right now is offering additional savings, if you enter code: SAVE at checkout, you can get a $25gc for just $2.

Before you buy on, however, I do suggest that you take a look at the restrictions on each gc, as there always is one.  Usually, there is a minimum purchase that is above the amount of the gift certificate.  Ie. On the example I gave above, for the $10gc the minimum purchase is $20 and for the $25gc, the minimum purchase is $35.  Sometimes the minimum purchases are even higher (I've seen minimum purchases of $50 on the $25gc many times). Of course, if you are getting that $25gc for $2, paying an extra $10 to take home a whole pie or dinner for tomorrow really won't seem like much.  Check it out and see what the offerings are in your area.


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