Thursday, March 10, 2011

Be a Dummie No More - with 50% Off For Dummies Books

Amazon has a great deal right now on the For Dummies Books, they've got many of them marked down to 50% Off and then on top of that you can take advantage of their offer to get a $5 Mail In Rebate when you buy any For Dummies book between March 1-30.  You can opt to get a 20th Anniversary For Dummies tshirt instead of the $5, if you choose.

iPad For Dummies is just one of the titles you can get for 50% Off right now, along with Facebook For Dummies, Windows 7 For Dummies, QuickBooks 2011 For Dummies, Investing For Dummies (I think I might order this one), Accounting For Dummies
and many other titles.  With most of the ones that are on sale for 50% Off, after you do the mail-in rebate that's like getting the book for about $6!  These books are also eligible for Amazon Prime shipping, which makes this an even better deal.

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