Saturday, March 26, 2011

Got Our Kitchen Prep Set (another great Housewares Deals deal)

My hubby brought in a package this morning with a shrug.  "I don't know what it is but it's too big to be a book".  When I finally got a chance to look at it, it took me a minute to remember that I'd ordered the deal I posted about last week from for the two cutting boards and three resin coated knives.
I was a little disappointed that they weren't orange, as they appear in the pictures, but red.  Could just be that my color is off on my  But, I was happy with the overall product.  I'd mentioned it to Paul before ordering and he concurred that he thought it sounded like a good deal at just $14 (with another $4ish for shipping).  The package arrived quickly and we pulled the items out and they all looked good. 

I grabbed the paring knife this afternoon and used it to peel a kiwi.  Hubby had just commented on what a pain they are to peel and I had it peeled in about 30 seconds with that knife.  It was SWEET! And the Kiwi was pretty darn good too!

This is the second deal we've purchased from  The first was a spice rack, which we bought two of (one for my mom) and have been very happy with both the rack and the spices.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I just registered on their website to get daily emails. :)