Monday, March 7, 2011

Coupons In My Mail

Lately, I've enjoyed taking the time to email the companies whose products I enjoy.  Last week I emailed 3 different companies (actually probably more than that) and they all not only emailed me back but sent me coupons in the postal mail.

Fresh Step Cat Litter - this is the only cat litter I've used for years.  I know I tried others when I first got my kitties but Fresh Step was the only one that really did what it said and kept the odors away. 

Their Response: 1 coupon for FREE Fresh Step cat litter up to 21lb.

Starkist Tuna - it's the only tuna I buy and I used to hate the cans and having to drain them. So, when they came out with pouches I cheered.  When I found coupons online a couple of weeks ago for .50 cents off and the pouches were on sale for $1 (and the .50 cent coupon doubled making them free) I cheered!  So, while I was cheering, I emailed them to thank them for coming out with the pouches.

Their Response: 2 coupons for .75 Off 2 Starkist products.

Fresh Express Salad - There's just no way I'm going to chop lettuce to make a salad.  So, if I'm eating salad at home you can guarantee it's a packaged salad.  Fresh Express salads were on sale for 2 weeks at Publix, BOGO.  I bought a couple including their "Strawberry Fields" spinach salad kit.  It was quite good. So, I emailed them to tell them so.

Their Response: 4 coupons for .55 Off 1 packaged salad

Not bad for maybe 5 minutes of time spent to email these companies and pass along my praise.  While I was emailing I also emailed Thomas bagels.  This was the most surprising response of all.  Within 10 minutes of sending the email my phone rang.  It was a rep from Thomas Bagels/ Bimbo bakery (do you not love that name!) letting me know that they could not send me any more coupons because they'd just sent me a few last month for Arnold Bread (my favorite bread) but they did want to thank me for the compliments and let me know that I could request more coupons next year.  So, I didn't get any coupons from that email but any company that will take the time to not just reply but to call a customer like that, is a win in my book.  They could have just ignored me.  They could have emailed, but they called!  Who does that!  Evidently, Bimbo Baker does! LOL

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