Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Half Off Deals: Questions To Ask Before You Buy

Before you jump on that 50% Off Daily Deal you are about to buy, take a closer look at the deal, and ask yourself a few questions.

1. How likely am I to use this deal?  If the deal is for someplace you never go, are you any more likely to go there if you have it already paid for?  Probably not.  If it's someplace you've been wanting to try, you might.  If it's one of your favorite places, you'll probably use the deal as soon as it's available.

2. Will you use it before it expires?  See question 1.  For us, there are some places we like but only at certain times of the year.  So if the deal is only good for 6 months will we use it within that time frame?  Or will we forget we have it before it gets used?  Always check the fine print on these deals to know how long you have to use them before they expire.  If you don't use them before they expire you just wasted money buying the deal.

3. How much will it really save you?  This is a big one, and one we've had to ask ourselves more and more lately.  It seems that the daily deal sites and the restaurants have caught onto the fact that the real way to make money on these deals is to give you a deal that is 50% off an amount that is higher than what you would normally spend.  If the average ticket for 2 people is $20 then make the deal for 50% off $30.  The end result is that in order for the person to get their money's worth they will either have to bring an extra person, or order more... or forgo a portion of their "savings".  Given the example of above, if you normally only spend $20 for dinner for 2 and you buy a deal that is 50% Off of $30, you'll really only be saving $5 (or 25%) Off of what you'd normally pay.

If the restaurant is one you aren't familiar enough with to know their prices, check them out online before you buy and get an idea of what you should expect your bill to be.  Due diligence will save you a lot more money than any 50% Off deal.

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