Friday, February 18, 2011

Yogi Tea

Recently, I received a sample of Yogi Tea.  I believe when you ordered the sample you had a choice of different teas to choose from.  I got the Kambuchi and Echinacia and loved them both before I even took the first sip.  They smelled wonderful and then I tasted them and they tasted as good as they smelled.  Better yet, I had a headache when I drank the Kambuchi and it actually eased the ache in my head.  I think it had a lot to do with all the mint in the tea.

The sample came with a $1 off coupon and the only place I'd been able to find it locally was at Target, for $4/box (of 16).  I was really hoping to find it at Publix and then hoping to catch it on BOGO but no luck, my Publix doesn't carry it.

Just now I checked on Amazon and found that they have a really great price.  You can get 6 boxes (of 16 bags each) for just $15.82, then if you select "Subscribe & Save" you'll save an additional 15%, knocking the price down to just $13.45!  Plus if you have a Prime account it qualifies for FREE shipping! 

Prices varied just a little on the different flavors but they were all pretty close.   If you haven't tried Yogi Teas yet you can still get the free sample via their website.  Just fill in the details to send a custom "well wish" card to a friend (you can always be your own friend) and they will send your "friend" instructions on how to get their free sample.  Click here for the Free sample.

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