Friday, February 18, 2011

My Publix Trip - I got 20 items for FREE!

I hit up Publix yesterday and came home with one heck of a haul for $20. When I added everything up this morning I realized that my total for everything except the 20 Italian Days items was more than what I payed.

Oddly enough, I think this was my first Publix trip where I didn't use any Target Qs (I usually have almost as much in competitor Qs as I do in Manufacturer Qs, this time I just used a $5/50 and nothing else. Also, I think I got shorted about $1.20 in coupons. For some reason the girl was manually entering a lot of my coupons and I noticed when I looked today that there was a .15 coupon (and I know I didn't have any that low), so I'm thinking it should have been $1.50 (as I did have several of those). Short of going back and counting and matching up every coupon it's hard to know for sure. I'm not going back over $1.20. And in the end, I'm pretty happy with how this trip turned out (ok, I'm very happy with this trip).

I saved more than 75% AND got 20 items for FREE! How could you not be happy with that!?

Here's what I got:
(4) Macaroni Grill/Wanchai Ferry @$7.99 BOGO
- used (4) $1.50/1 Qs
(1) Marie Calendars Bakes @ $3
- used (1) $1/1 Q
(2) Publix Yogurt 32oz @ $1.89
(2) V-8 Fusion @ $3.99 BOGO
- used (2) $1/1 Q
(2) Arm & Hammer baking soda @ .75/each
- used (1) .50/2 Q (doubled)
(1) Smuckers All Natural peanut butter @ $4.09

Total for above, minus coupons = $22.34

Italian Days Items:
(4) Green Giant frozen boxed veggies @ 10/$10
- used (2) .50/2 Green Giant boxed veggies (doubled)
(4) Green Giant canned veggies @ $1.29 BOGO
- used $1/4 Green Giant canned veggies (Publix coupon)
(4) Progresso black beans @ 3/$2
- used $1/4 Progress (Publix coupon)
(2) Muir Glen tomatoes @ 3/$4
- used $1/2 Muir Glen products (Publix coupon)
(6) Hunts tomatoes @ 2/$1.89
- used (2) $1/3 Qs

- used $5/20 participating items Q (Publix)

- used $5/$50 competitor Q

Total Paid for all items (after tax) = $22.52 (.30 more than the pre-tax total for just the non-Italian Days items)

The Publix store coupons are still available, and you can grab them at While you are there be sure to enter the Publix giveaway for $10,000 in groceries (you can enter daily).

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