Friday, February 18, 2011

It Never Hurts to Ask - Store Manager Let me Use Expired Register Reward

Going through my coupon box Wednesday night I realized that I had a $6RR that had expired on Monday.  UGH!  I said something to my husband and he insisted on giving me a hard time about how all my hard work had now been wasted.  Whatever.  Yes, I was annoyed, but I was also glad I don't work RR into my savings until I actually use them.

I decided I'd go into Walgreens yesterday and just ask if I could use it. I also had a $3RR which expires next week and figured if nothing else I'd just use it.  I'd been needing to get into the store that's closest to me (although the one I go to least often) because I knew they carry the Genesis Today juice and I still had a coupon for BOGO Acai Berry Boost (which I really like, BTW).

I got in there and realized that juice is $4.49/ bottle (and it's only a 32oz bottle!).  With the BOGO Q it still wasn't bad, but I decided to check and see what else they might have, and I knew there was a RR on Schick razors.  I walked over to the razor aisle and was looking at them and there were two employees stocking the shelves. They asked if they could help me and I said no, initially.  Then I realized that one of them had "store manager" on her tag.  She also shared my first name "Julie". So I knew it must be fate.  I told her that I had a RR that I just realized had expired on Monday and would there be any way I could still use it.  She said YES! They'd honor it.  WOOT!

This changed my shopping plan, so I went back and grabbed the juice.  Of course, that was only $4.49 and the RR was for $6.  Then I saw that Clean & Clear was B1G1 50% and I still had a stack of $2/1 C&C coupons.  Since I go through at least 1 bottle of this stuff a month I try to stay stocked up when I can find a deal.  So, I grabbed two bottles.

2 Bottles Genesis Today Acai Berry Boost @$4.49
2 Clean & Clear cleanser @ $5.49 (B1G1 50%)
- used (1) BOGO Genesis Today Acai
- used (2) $2/1 C&C

All said and done, I spent $4.10 OOP (after tax).

This trip has also changed my tune about a) Walgreens and b) Frequenting this particular Walgreens.  I've been going to a different one because it's just more convenient.  Usually, when I'm out and about I'm going to my chiropractor and there is a Walgreens just around the corner.  While the Walgreens I went to this week is actually much closer to me, it's much more "out of the way" of places I usually go.  I guess sometimes it's worth it to go a little out of your way.

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