Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It Pays to Complain

Lately, I've been emailing the companies whose products I enjoy to let them know that I like their products (and why).  It all started with this one. I mean when your first attempt nets you an actual check, that's some good motivation to keep contacting companies.  So far, in every case, they've at least sent me a coupon for the product I was complimenting.

Last week something different happened.  We had a bad experience at a restaurant; a restaurant that we both enjoy and that I know normally gives both great food and great service. In the past I have emailed this company to compliment them on how great our service and food has been and how our servers have gone out of their way to make our experience good.  In one other case I have emailed them to let them know that I was let down by the food we were served.  In that instance, they not only replied (quickly) but they sent us a gift card in the mail that more than covered what we had for dinner.  I'll be honest in that I expected no less this time around, and I got what I expected.  Again, they were quick to reply and let us know that what we experienced was far below their expectations as a company and that they would be sending us a gift card.  They did and I received it today.

That was not my only complaint for the week.  As I reported earlier I picked up 15 jugs of Gatorade for my hubby at Rite Aid.  I got home to have him tell me that it was not the right kind.  We had both made the same assumption initially... that if the bottle had a 2 on it, it was G2.  We were wrong.  There is Gatorade 02, and then there is G2 and they are two completely different products.  He likes the G2 since it has a lot less sugar (imo, it's just watered down Gatorade).  After this discussion, I emailed Gatorade to let them know that their marketing/ labeling was confusing and what it had resulted in for me.  They replied that they would be sending me some coupons for free product.  I haven't received those yet, but I have no doubt they are on their way.  So, now you know it's only G2 if it has the giant G2 on the front, not just a giant G and a little 02.  And, you also know that if you have an issue with a product or service, it's probably not going to be a waste of your time to complain to the proper place (and usually that just means sending an email to the company).

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