Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spending Goals: February Week 1 Report

Hmm... yeah so February is not going so well. I've saved a good bit, but I've spent way too much.  Mostly, (as I reported in my last post) due to poor planning. 

So here's what I've got so far:
  • Publix - $33.56 (for $110.54 worth of groceries)
  • Kroger - $34.89 (for $74.88 worth of groceries)
  • Rite Aid - $15.83 (for $29.85 worth of groceries)
  • Rite Aid - $39.34 (for $114.77 worth of drugstore items) - left with $30 in +UPs
  • Walgreens - $13.34 (for $16.98 worth of drugstore items) - left with $17 in RR
  • CVS - $11.67 (for $47.72 worth of drugstore items) - used a $10 gc that I paid $5 for
Total Cash Used: $143.63
Total Value of Items: $394.74
Total Savings: $267.44 (or 67.75%)

So, I am definitely over budget for the month. I've been taking money out of my personal envelope to fund the extra groceries.  This means that when the envelopes get filled again at the end of this week, there will only be about $50 going into the grocery envelope to last the next two weeks. 

The good news is that I have a good amount of RR and +UPs that should last for the rest of the month.  The other good news is that from what I've seen there's not really anything in next week's ads that we need to stock up on, so we can just get basic staples that we need.

Had I rolled my +UPs and RR on my Rite Aid and Walgreens trips I would have landed in much better shape, and I'd probably be just where I needed to be budget-wise.

I've also realized two things in the last week or so.
1. I pay less in tax shopping at Publix because I shop at one that is in the county rather than in the city. 
2. I tend to save a lot more shopping at Publix, in general.  One one hand, it's easy to think that it's because Publix regular prices are higher so the sale price savings is greater.  But, overall I think that's not the case. I actually leave Publix with a lot more for the money I spend than I do Kroger.  I think it's a combination of sale savings and the coupons (since they accept competitor coupons AND double manufacturer Qs). 

These two realizations are going to have me shopping at Publix that much more and really evaluating whether or not the sales at Kroger are worth while.

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