Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Walgreens Trip: Bank Error in My Favor

While at Walgreens today I noticed that there was an endcap with Gatorade and the signs still say that they were on sale 5/$5 (or 5/$4 with the Instant Value Coupon).  That's my GoTo price for Gatorade so I grabbed 5 along with the several other items I had in my cart.  When the cashier gave me my total of around $8 I thought it seemed a bit high but I paid him.  When I got to the car I realized that the Gatorade had not rang up for 5/$5 so I went back in.  Luckily, the manager was on hand so I showed her my receipt and told her that the Gatorade hadn't rang up right.  She flipped through the ad flyer then walked back to the display.  Evidently, those tags weren't supposed to be there.  Bank Error in my favor.

Not Shown: the 5 Gatorades

5 Gatorades @ 5/$5
2 Halls on sale $1e
1 Bakers coconut (clearance) $1.79
1 Clean & Clear moisturizer $6.79
1 Got2B $4.99
= $20.57

$2 Off Clean & Clear
$1/5 Gatorade Instant Value Coupon
$2 Off Got 2 B
BOGO Halls (rang up as $2 Off)
$10 RR
= $4.24 OOP (got back $2RR from purchase of Got2B)

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