Friday, December 10, 2010

Rite Aid Gift of Savings

The word is spreading through the blogosphere that Rite Aid changed the terms of the "Gift of Savings" program after many complaints over the last 2 weeks.

The Idea: Spend $25 at Rite Aid during the holidays, enter your receipts, get a $5 voucher for future purchases (or perhaps a check, since they are using the Single Check Rebate program to process these).

What Happened?: They were subtracting all your coupons and +UP rewards from the amount you spent, so if you were like so many of us who roll our +UP rewards and/or use coupons to pay as little out of pocket as possible, we were likely to never reach that $25.

The Change: They sent out info today updating the program so that we are no longer being penalized for manufacturer Q's and +UP's. They still deduct store coupons (video value coupons, etc).

What a huge change that made in my report. I went from barely having $10 worth of credit towards the Gift of Savings to having over $35!

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