Friday, December 10, 2010

All You Magazine Just $1/Issue

If you aren't familiar with All You magazine, you might want to become familiar real quick. If there is any magazine on the planet that is worth more than its weight in gold, it's ALL You. A bad issue has $24 in coupons, but most that I've seen have well over $75 (fwiw, the issue that had $24 was the second issue put out this month; a special holiday issue).

There are only two ways to get this magazine, either by subscription or by going to Wal-mart. This is the first good enticement I've seen for going to Wal-mart in years! But, a subscription is cheaper and headache-free (unlike Wal-mart).

Right now a subscription is even CHEAPER! And if you coupon or know someone who does, or if you know someone who likes to save money, this is a great gift idea! I'm thinking if you have someone on your list that you haven't picked up a gift for yet, this is it.

But, it gets better. Right now Amazon is running (yet another) great promo. This time it's Spend $30 on magazine subscriptions, get $10 back to spend anywhere on

Just a few of the deals you may want to consider (for yourself or as gifts):

  • All You (2-year)
    (2 years is just $34) - or pick up 2 - 1 year subscriptions for you and a friend.

  • Entertainment Weekly (1-year auto-renewal)

  • Redbook (1-year auto-renewal)

  • Woman's Day (1-year auto-renewal)

  • Better Homes & Gardens (1-year auto-renewal) 

  • SmartMoney (1-year auto-renewal)

  • For the Parent:

  • Parenting School Years (1-year auto-renewal)

  • Working Mother (1-year auto-renewal)

  • For the Computer Guru:

  • Wired (1-year auto-renewal)

  • For the Men....

  • Men's Journal (1-year auto-renewal)

  • This Old House (1-year auto-renewal)

  • Maxim (1-year auto-renewal)

  • *note that some of these are auto-renewals so you will have to login to Amazon to cancel the renewal before the year is up, to keep from getting charged again.

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