Monday, August 22, 2011

Relax Wraps BOGO 8/22-8/23

Relax Wraps are one of my favorite things, I have at least 5 of them floating around my house and I've been known to give them as gifts a time or two.  What are they? They are customizable hot/cold aromatherapy wraps.  If you deal with any sort of aches or pains you'll love these.  Have a headache? pop the "Basic Wrap" in the micrawave for 90 seconds and lay it across your head (or use the eye wrap, hot or cold).  I love them all.  The Shoulder wrap is awesome if you endure shoulder or neck pain.  The prices on these are already great but today and tomorrow they are even better at Buy One Get One (trying to think of who I might need to buy some for for Christmas). You can check out all the different Relax Wraps and options and order your bogo deal here.

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