Sunday, April 3, 2011

Despite Concerns from Couponers, Coupon Value & Distribuation is Increasing

I ran across this interesting article this morning, that details exactly how distributors had increased their coupon offerings in 2010 by over 13% since the previous year, up to $485 billion in savings!  Wow. That's a lot of coupons floating around out there.  The increases they show are both in number of coupons available and in the overall average face value of coupons (which was up 6.6% from the previous year).

I read a lot of concern towards the end of last year and through this year so far about how coupon amounts were shrinking and deals were becoming less and less.  Heck, I was even starting to wonder as I looked through the coupons for the first quarter this year.  Then the second quarter began and WOW! The coupons were looking good.  When the year started we saw Colgate coupon amounts drop from $1/1 to $.75/1 and I was thinking I was really glad I had a great stockpile.  Then last week we saw $1.50/1 and many other really good coupons.

I think it's important that when we see some of our favorite coupons seem to drop in value, we keep our hopes up because the good ones will be back.  This month we may only see $2/1 Bic shavers, in the fall we'll probably see the BOGO coupons again.  Couponing takes a lot of strategy, it can be hard to hold onto those seemingly great coupons, but doing so means a bigger pay-off when you are able to match that BOGO coupon to a BOGO sale and end up with double free product.  Sometimes just matching that $2/1 coupon to a BOGO sale is a great deal too.  The point is, it all works out in the end.  Not every deal is a stock-up deal, sometimes it's just a deal where you grab one or two (because you happen to need them) and then move on and wait.

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