Sunday, March 6, 2011

Swiffer Deal at Walgreens This Week

I posted previously about the Swiffer deal at Walgreens that starts today, however I may have given wrong info (actually, I'm pretty sure I did).  Since the deal is Buy $10 worth of certain products (including the Swiffer refills) and get a $3 Register Reward, and the refills are on sale for 25% off (making them $4.49) you'd actually need to purchase more than just 2 of the refills to get the deal.

So here's my new plan (because I ordered some of the BOGO coupons).
You'll need 2 of the BOGO Swiffer refill coupons to make this deal work.

Buy 4 Swiffer Refills @ $4.49
-use 2 BOGO refill coupons
= 4/ $8.98
-get $3 Register Reward
(= 48 ct for $5.98) -

For the record the best non-sale/non-coupon price for Swiffer refills is at CostCo. They have the 48ct wet refills for around $12.??.  I'm not sure the price on the dry refills but I think it's even better than that.  Either way, this BOGO coupon is a great deal.

Kroger also has the Swiffer refills listed in their online ad this week for $6.99 (the ad says 2-32ct) so if you can actually get the higher count refills for this price and use the BOGO, this could be a pretty good deal as well (without the worry of Register Rewards).

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