Thursday, March 3, 2011

Saving Money at the Grocery Stores: RainChecks

Ok, so you're finally shopping the sales and you have your list all made out and coupons to go with it. Then you get to the store only to find out they are out of something on your list, and it was the item that had the BEST DEAL!  What do you do?  Well, six months ago I would have just walked away feeling bumbed that they were out of something I wanted and assumed I lost out.  That's not the case anymore.

Now, when I get to the store and find they are out of an item I'd planned to get a great deal on I go directly to the Service Desk. I do not pass go and I do not collect $200 (although I'd love to!).

What's a Raincheck? Simple. It's a form that the store gives you promising to honor their sales price, after the sale is over.  These are usually good for 30 days after they are issued.

With a raincheck you no longer have to be annoyed that a store is out of an item you'd hoped to get on sale.

How do you Get One? Go to the service desk and ask for it. It really is as simple as it sounds. They will ask you what the item was and look up the sales price on it. They will also ask you how many you wanted to purchase. Most stores have a maximum limit they will write the raincheck for. I usually just ask for as many as I have coupons for (or however many I'd intended to buy that day).

What do you do with it? Store it away with your coupon(s) for the item.  Then next time you visit the store check to see if the item is in stock.  If it is grab the number you planned to purchase (the number you have on the raincheck) and head to the register.  When you check out be sure to hand the raincheck to the cashier first thing, since they'll have to do a price adjustment.

Once you do it once you'll find it's quite worthwhile and won't want to leave the store without either the sale items you went in for or your raincheck!

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