Friday, March 25, 2011

I've Never Had to Work So Hard To Spend $10!

I had a $10 ECB (that's Extra Care Bucks from CVS) that was going to expire this weekend and I needed to spend it. I'd been watching the ads for the last month looking for a great deal to roll it into or just a great deal to spend it on and hadn't really seen anything that we needed that seemed worth it.  This week I saw a couple of really great deals in the ad, but they were so great that they mostly equalled out to FREE, so I ended up wondering around for about a half hour trying  to find ways to spend my $10.  The first $6 went pretty easily... 2 boxes of cereal and a bottle of Head & Shoulders... it was that last $3.01 that was giving me issues.  Here's what I ended up with only after my husband happened across a $.50 package of cocktail straws (something he'd been asking for for a while).

2 Boxes of Total Cereal: On Sale 2/$5
5 Dawn dish detergent: On Sale $.97
2 Listerine (8.5oz): On Sale $1
1 Head & Shoulders: On Sale $4.99
1 Formula 409: On Sale $2.50
Cocktail Straws: $.49

With all that it seems like hitting $10 would be no problem, but factor in these coupons....
(2) $1/1 Total Cereal
(3) $1/1 Dawn Hand Renewal
(2)$.50/1 Dawn
(1)$2/2 Listerine, etc (Random list of J&J products) printable
(1)$1/1 Head & Shoulders
(1)$.50/1 409

And in the end the whole lost cost me just over $1 out of pocket and I got back another $2ECB from the Head & Shoulders.


  1. It is funny to try to "spend" at CVS sometimes, been there. I would like to invite you to link up your CVS shopping trips each week at Simply CVS.

  2. Oh, and I came to visit today from Cha-Ching Challenge. I, too, have Fibromyalgia--not fun!

  3. Thanks Cheryl, I posted my trip over there (and I have been following your blog for quite a while).