Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to do a Code Hunt on Swagbucks

There is currently a Swag Code Hunt going on on Swagbucks.  These are like little scavenger hunts for codes. For some folks they just aren't worth the time that you have to invest, for others they are a really fun way to earn a few Swagbucks.  Many who haven't done them before (and many who have) just get frustrated with them, myself included at times.  But, it helps if you understand how they work.

How Swag Code Hunts Work:

1. Swagbucks will give you a clue (often on either their Facebook page, Twitter or in their blog) for where to go for the next clue.  For instance they may tell you to search for a particular word in the Swag Store (as they did today).  If they do this, then you want to go to Swagbucks and choose the Swag Store from the options on the left side of the page.  At the top you will see a search bar, there you will type in the word that they told you to search for.

2. Open each of the items that are returned and look for the next clue.  Usually, it will be pretty obvious, but no matter how obvious it is sometimes it will be so obvious that you will miss is anyway.  I've had to go back through the results a couple of times to look again because I've missed it.  Once you find the next clue, do what it says to find the following clue and so on.  For instance, if the next clue tells you to go find a particular word in the Swagstakes, then go to the Swagstakes section of Swagbucks and enter the word it tells you in the search bar and repeat the directions as given for finding the next clue in the Swag Store.

If you aren't very familiar with the Swagbucks store, these code hunts will get you familiar quickly.  But, the best way to find your way around is to go back to the main Swagbucks homepage and then choose the section the directions are telling you to search from the menu on the left side of the page.

Sometimes a Code Hunt may send you to Swagbucks TV and tell you to find a hint or a code there. This can be the most frustrating area to search because you don't know at first if the hint is actually IN a video or in a description.  It will usually be in a description BUT you will most likely need to watch the video to get the full clue.  IE. it might ask you a question about something you see in the video, then tell you to do something with the answer (like search in another area of the site for the answer you found in the video).

Eventually, you will find an actual Swagcode somewhere.  They look something like ThIsisASwaGCod3 (that is not a real swagcode).

So what do you do when you finally find the Swagcode?  Head back to the Swagbucks homepage and enter it on the right side of the page where it says "Enter Your Swagcode".

ALWAYS copy and paste your swagcode because as you can see in my example above they are a mixture of upper and lower case and numbers that can sometimes be hard to read correctly.  If for some reason, you copy and paste you get a message that you entered an invalid Swagcode, go back to the page where you found the code and reload the page. Then copy and paste it again.  They will often change the Swagcode to keep people from sharing it with friends.

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