Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We get to see Dave Ramsey LIVE Saturday

We are so looking forward to going to Dave Ramsey's LIVE event on Saturday.  We managed to snag coupons to the Nashville event for just $20 each.  As you've probably read by now we took the FPU class last fall and we've learned so much.  I think right now we are just starting to edge off of the "high" that the class put us on.  We've saved so much money and finally have our Emergency Fund fully funded.  Now we are working on getting our retirement investment going and paying off the house.  BUT, we want a vacation.  It's hard to keep that motivation forever and stay "gazelle intense".  So we really need this live event to really give us another bump to keep going.  You can bet I'll be on here Sunday reporting on our experience.

In the meantime, I did want to share this deal that Dave has on his website for his "Starter Special", it's his 2 best selling books, - "The Total Money MakeOver" and "Financial Peace Revisited" as well as 2 of his DVDs "Dumping Debt" and "Cash Flow Planning" PLUS the designer Envelope System and his budgeting software.  All for just $49!  This is a great way to get started on turning your financial life around and a great price for all of these items.  Grab that deal here.

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