Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Coupon Thief

A mail carrier in NY is being accused of stealing thousands of coupons that were intended for patrons on his route and then selling them on Ebay.  Read the full story here.  This actually makes me glad that 99% of our coupons in this area show up via the newspaper, at least then all I have to worry about is people stealing the inserts out of the papers they didn't buy!


  1. I've ad to file two complaints now regarding my missing mail. Now I get a little more but not all of it. I had a really great week two weeks ago and then it dwindled down. I'm assuming whoever has been taking my mail was on vaca that week.

  2. Wow! Sorry to hear that. I've got some mail that never arrived here following the snow storm last month. I can only assume it got lost in the mail.

    We did file several complaints about our mail person (who I think finally got fired) because of mail being placed in the wrong boxes, left on the ground, etc.