Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spending Goals: February Week 2 Report

Evidently, somewhere around the first of the year we screwed up on our budgeting schedule.  This might explain why I've been so tight on the grocery budget (I'm not really sure), whatever the case we realized that groceries got shorted $100 somewhere along the way.  That money has now been restored, which is a good thing with this Kroger Mega sale and the major stockpiling we are doing on Chunky soup for my hubby's lunches.

So how did I do this week?  I think I did ok actually.  I did very little shopping, since I'd done so much the week before there was no need. Plus, there were fewer sales that I felt the need to deal with.

Walgreens - $4.47 for $41 worth of drugstore items.  I used $11 worth of RR and got back $3 in RR

Next week's report will have a lot more too it.  I did hit Rite Aid twice yesterday (both times for money makers on Halls cough drops) and that will be on next week's report.

At the end of last week I was still right at $150 spent for the month.  With the budget "fix" we added another $150 to the grocery envelope yesterday.  I'll be spending about half that on Chunky soup, by the time the month is over.

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