Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Rite Aid Trip $76.49 for $4.50 OOP

Still $10 away from the Winter Rewards! UGH!  For those who aren't familiar, Rite Aid has a special promo going right now and if you purchase $100 worth of participating items, you'll get a $20+UP (aka Rite Aid bucks to be used on your next purchase).  For the full list and details, click here.

I was quite excited about today's trip because I knew there were quite a few freebies and money makers going on.  Unfortunately, they didn't have one item in stock that I wanted about 6 of and there was at least one other item I had on my list that turned out to not be in the local ad.  This tidbit brings me to a small rant. While in the store I overheard the clerk telling her manager about a lady who was in there throwing a fit because an item wasn't on sale in the store but was in the "national" ad.  Rite Aid doesn't really have a national ad, their ads vary from location to location.  However, you will see preview ads posted online and various deal sites and bloggers (myself included) posting deals.  These deals may or may not work in your store.  While some deals are national, not all are.  So, if you go to a store and a deal isn't available, please don't get pissy. Don't yell at the cashier and jump up and down and tell them you are going to call their DM or corporate.  If you want to call corporate and complain and tell them you wish they'd make all their ads the same, by all means do so.  But, don't try to blame the store.

Ok, so back to my trip.  Here's what I got!

1 Aveeno lotion $9.89 (after 10% Wellness+ disc)
2 Vaseline @ $2.99
2 Colgate @$3.50
2 Maalox @$4.99
1 Blink Tears @ $7.99
2 Dove deo @ 2/$4
1 (100ct) Ferro-Sequels @ $18.89 (after Wellness+)

I probably should have held off on the Aveeno even though I had a coupon to get it for free.  It counts towards the Winter Rewards, but I probably could have gotten a better deal if I'd waited.  The Ferro-Sequels I actually need (man, those things are expensive.  Good thing I had a good stock of +UP rewards that needed to be used this week anyway).

These are the coupons I used:
(2) $2/1 Dove
(1) $1/1 Colgate
(1) .75/1 Colgate
(2) $5/1 Maalox
(2) $1/1 Vaseline
(1) FREE Aveeno (from B3G1 Free MIR) = $10.99

= $38.50 after coupons
used $34 in +UPs, paid $4.50 OOP (after tax)
(got back $15+UPs)

- had I not bought the Ferro-Sequals, this would have been a money maker trip.   I considered buying them separately just so it would have been.  Had they had the Hormel chili in stock that I wanted to buy, it would have been a better money-maker.

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