Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Picked up My First Special Order

I picked up my first special order today from Kroger.  I think I posted that while we were there on Sunday I found the grocery manager and placed a special order for 100 bowls of Chunky soup.  He called me today to tell me that half of my order came in.  He wasn't sure why the other half didn't come in but he'd re-ordered for me already.

When I went to pick up the order it was very easy.  When I got to the store I actually saw the cart sitting by the service desk with the soup in it in cartons (of 8).  I double checked with the service desk to make sure it was for me and then I grabbed the other items I needed to pick up (some milk) and checked out.

I did run into one small glitch (and learned something big).  I forgot to hand over my Kroger card at the beginning of the transaction and ended up handing it to her at the end of the transaction.  It was kinda cool to watch the total drop so much, but the final total still seemed higher than I had expected.  After getting my receipt I looked it over and found that most of my coupons did not double like they should have.  For some reason 5 rang at $1 and the others just rang at .50 with no doubling.  I took my receipt to the customer service desk and he looked it over than went and looked at my coupons.  When he came back he told me that the issue was that I'd scanned my card at the end and for some reason it hadn't doubled the coupons.  He gave me back the $10 that I'd been over-charged with no issue.

So, now you know. Hand over that shoppers card at the beginning of your transaction if you want to make sure you get all your discounts.  And yes, I did get all 5 of my $3 Catalina coupons at the end of the transaction.


  1. I don't have Kroger here so I'm not sure what the special was - please share, because it sounds like a GREAT deal!

  2. Lisa - this is the promo that's going on at Kroger right now - http://moneysavingmode.blogspot.com/2011/02/daytona-mega-sale-kroger-213.html

    I special ordered 50 of the Campbell's chunky soup bowls which are part of the deal. After Manufacturer Qs and the initial $3 per 10 items, they came out to about .79/bowl. Then on top of that I get a $3Q good off my next purchase for every 10 I purchase.