Friday, February 25, 2011

More Adventures With Kroger

After last week's debacle at Kroger, we decided we weren't going back to that store.  Knowing that the Mega sale ends tomorrow and figuring it would not be as busy tonight we decided we'd go to one of the other stores tonight (the store we had been frequenting until I took over grocery shopping and opted for location over... well, I guess everything else).

I decided I'd check at the Customer Service desk to find out if there was a limit on how many of the $3 Daytona catalina coupons I could redeem at once (before finding out while standing in line) and the girl at the CS desk told me that there wasn't a limit. She even said they'd gotten a letter from corporate telling them they could take more than 1 at a time but that they'd been doing that the whole time and flat out said "there's no limit". I told her about my debacle at the other store and she made the comment that I should have just come there.  I agreed and went off to fill my cart.  We had 8 of the $3 coupons to use and I figured I may as well continue to stock up on the Gatorade as well as pick up a few other items, knowing that the Gatorade would produce more coupons.

We headed to the Gatorade aisle first and found that their selection of G2 was a little on the lacking side, but he managed to grab 25.  We filled in the other 5 slots with Brown & Serve sausages and Tornadoes (we'd been wanting to try this and figured we could take the risk for less than $1).  I also had coupons for .50 off Starkist tuna pouches (which were on sale for $1, making them free) and I wanted to pick up some hot dog buns while they were also on sale for $1.  All in all I figured it should have come out to under $27 (well actually I figured under $24 but it was because I suck at math).

We got the register and unloaded our haul and we were talking to the cashier (who was very nice) when I handed him my coupons.  "You're not going to like me..." he started, "there's a limit of 1 of these per transaction".  I told him that I'd asked at CS and she'd told me that there wasn't a limit.  He didn't argue with me and wasn't at all rude, he had the supervisor come over and she turned the little key and did an override.  They were both adamant that they were told it was limit of 1, but that if the CS girl said otherwise they'd take them and they did.

As we left we could see the floor manager discussing it with the CS girl as she was obviously looking for that letter from corporate.  At least we are down to just 3 of the $3 off coupons now, and it should be easier to spend those between Kroger and Publix over the next 2 weeks before they expire.

So all in all we got....
25 Gatorade (32oz) @ .69/e (after Mega discount)
3 Banquet Brown & Serve @ .58/e (after Mega discount)
2 Tornadoes @ $1.69/e (after Mega discount)
2 packs Hormel pepperoni (on sale $1/e)
3 packs hot dog buns (on sale $1/e)
2 Starkist tuna pouches (on sale $1/e)

Used the following coupons:
(2) .75/1 Tornadoes
$1/2 Hormel Pepperoni
(2) .50/1 Starkist tuna pouch

(8) $3 Daytona Mega coupons

Paid $1.22 OOP (got back $9 in Kroger coupons)

And my husband should now be good on Gatorade at least through the summer (if not longer).

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