Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Savings - Coupons vs Store Sales

Looking back at my savings so far this year the question crossed my mind of which saved me more, shopping the sales or using coupons? I know that in the end the best savings comes from matching sales with coupons (basically giving me double savings).  As I look at my savings so far this year I'm finding that overall I'm saving more with coupons than I have with store sales, I'm definitely saving more with coupons than I am through store sales (even though I'm using them together).

This information is actually a little surprising, since the general rule is that you'll save more from sales than you will from coupons.

My Savings so far this year from Coupons: $102.52
My Savings so far this year from Sales: $61.75

Even if I subtract my store credits (ECBs, +UPs, RRs) from the Coupon Total, it still comes out to $75.02 (which leaves Sales vs Coupons a little closer to even), but I do think those should be included since those are coupons (not cash) and I am using them towards purchases.

I think part of this "disparity" comes from the fact that several major items we buy don't go on sale at any stores (that I've seen so far) - sugar-free peanut butter, Purity Milk & Instant breakfast are all pretty high dollar items that we use a lot of, but that rarely (if ever) go on sale (however, I do regularly find some high dollar coupons for at least 1 of those items).

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