Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Awesome Deal on Men's Journal - 1yr for just $1.99

My husband discovered this magazine while sitting in the Drs office waiting room a couple of weeks ago (waiting on me, of course) and spent the drive home telling me about the interesting articles he'd read about how to make your own bacon and how to get a better night's sleep.  The latter even inspired him to consider buying a book that was mentioned (in hopes of helping us both); if you know him then you know him buying a book is a pretty big deal.  A week or so later I somehow ended up on the magazine aisle at the supermarket and found the issue he'd been reading and bought it for him.  It was $5.99!  I must really love him.  Since then I've been looking for a deal on a subscription and now I finally found it.  A full year for just $1.99 and you can get up to 4 years at this price.  I opted for just 2.

To get the deal, go to Tanga and you will find that this is the deal of the day for today/tomorrow (good for about another 24 hours as of this posting - 9:44 on 1/11/11), select it and then enter the Coupon Code: NEWYEAR at checkout.  Don't forget the coupon code as it cuts the price by 90% (otherwise the subscription is $19.99/yr.

*thanks MavenofSavin for the tip on this great deal!

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