Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lowes Has Stuff to Put Your Stuff In!

I didn't say it! They did! LOL. But, I love the line. Anyway, if you are needing storage stuff you might want to check out Lowes. They have free standing shelves on sale for up to 30% off and Christmas storage (for all the wrapping paper and decorations you are buying on clearance) at 50% off.

PLUS... If you go through Ebates to buy it, you'll get an additional 6% back on your purchase! (heck that's enough to cover sales tax in some states).

We've been converting our 4th bedroom into a storage closet/pantry, and hubby has been saying he wanted another shelving unit for in there, so we will most likely be ordering one online and picking it up later in the week (since we are snowed in again today). These are the units we've been buying and they work really well for storing things of all sizes (from small boxed/canned food items to large things like Costco sized paper towel packages and clothes baskets). We have two out in our garage (one for just general organization and one for laundry organization) and 3 in our bedroom pantry (2 are just organizing stuff like holiday decorations and extra pillows, boxes,etc that we don't have anywhere else to store).

If you aren't familiar with Ebates, it's a website that basically pays you back a % of the affiliate fee that online retailers pay them for sending them buyers. Today they are offering double cash back to many retailers (6% for Lowes) PLUS if you are a new user they will give you a $5 gift card after you make your first purchase through them.

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