Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Extreme Couponing on TLC Tonight

Don't forget to watch (or record) Extreme Couponing on TLC tonight. It showcases 4 Extreme Couponers and their crazy methods of saving MAJOR bucks by using coupons. I'm already kinda hoping this becomes a series as I can see this being some major fun (as well as a learning experience for those of us who aren't quite Extreme yet).

Dec. 29 at 8pm EST
Dec. 30 at 1am EST

You may also want to check out the preview that GMA did on the show, you can watch it and read my comments by clicking here.

Also, has several videos on FrugalTV featuring interviews with both Nathan Engels and Amanda (two of the couponers featured), Nathan is Mr.Coupon on WeUseCoupons and leads by example in donating $6-7000 worth of groceries (that he purchased for just a few hundred) to local food pantries.

Keep in mind when watching these shows that...
1. editors edit. It's all about making good tv, so they have to make some people look bad.
2. the producers encouraged the couponers to do the most extreme shopping trip they could do in one day, for the purposes of the show. The idea was to show just how extreme they could get.

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