Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Extreme Couponing on Good Morning America

The blogosphere is all atwitter with many people unhappy about the bit that GMA did this morning on Exteme Couponing, equating it to hoarding and possibly crossing the line into OCD. If you haven't seen it yet, watch the video below:

Sadly, my views don't change much watching this from the post I made a few weeks ago when I first heard about the TLC show... my comment then was that There is a fine line between Saving Money and Hoarding. Unfortunately, many people do cross that line.

Whatever the activity (whether it's playing an online game, shopping, clipping coupons, or anything else) it becomes a problem when it interferes in your day to day life. When you cancel other plans repeatedly to do that activity and you don't see where it's an issue, it's a problem. When you endanger your family or even your relationship, because of that activity, it's a problem.

Overall, I felt like the GMA bit was rather well-balanced. Matt commented that you couldn't argue with the good that people do when they get all these great deals and then pass them on to others. At the same time, you who is helping to have enough toilet paper to last you 40 years? And to still be buying more? Who cares if it was free, or how cheap it was? You don't need it.

I think that everyone has a little OCD in them. We all have some little OCD, and it's up to each of us to keep that in check. Couponing is fun! Saving money is FUN! So, I can understand how someone could get carried away and continue to buy more and more of something even when they have well more than they could possible use. In just a few months of stockpiling in our own house I've had to cut myself off on certain items, realizing that I can pretty much ALWAYS get those items extremely cheap, so there's no need to do it every week. Some items (like toilet paper and pasta) can always be found super cheap. There's just no reason to buy it every week. Those pennies do add up over time. Sure, it's only 10cents, but I have a years supply and it will still be only 10 cents in six months when I've used up some of what I have.

Extreme Couponers will debut on TLC tomorrow (Dec. 29) at 8pm EST, and feature 4 "Extreme" Couponers.

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