Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Buy 2 Get 2 Yankee Candles

There are several coupons available from Yankee Candle that are good through this weekend. The best one is the Buy 2 Get 2. I don't know if the other retailers will have the Free Tote or not but just the B2G2 is a good deal and I'm pretty sure that Bed, Bath & Beyond carries Yankee Candles, so perhaps you can stack this coupon with one of their 10% or 20% coupons (I know I've got 3 different ones currently).

Print the Yankee Candle Coupons

And if you are out and about shopping still, please remember to be nice! Be nice to those around you, whether it's sales people or other shoppers. When we go out this close to Christmas, we should expect to wait in line and expect others to be rude, but that does not give us permission to react badly. Put a smile on your face and pass it on, others will appreciate it.

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