Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The $25 Stocking

We don't have kids but the one Christmas tradition that I've carried into my adulthood is the stocking. I believe everyone should get a stocking at Christmas, filled to the brim with goodies. BUT, I don't believe they should be expensive goodies. The stocking is about FUN. Hubby and I agreed this year not to do presents for each other. We are trying to save money after all and usually when there are things we each want we buy them ourselves. This year we decided to buy a Wifi Blu-Ray player back around Thanksgiving (when Amazon had a good deal) and that has been our Christmas present. But, we are still doing stockings and I made him promise to keep the stocking at $25 or less. Admittedly, this is much more of a challenge for him than it is for me since I'm the one who shops the sales and sees the deals online. If he's just read my blog he'd get all kinds of great ideas for stocking stuffers within the alotted budget, but we'll see how that turns out after Christmas.

I won't post (just yet) what I found to stuff his stocking with, but I found some great stuff and I'll be doing good to fit it all in his stocking.

Whether you have kids or not, you may want to check out Frugal Living & Having Fun's blog post on stuffing a stocking for under $25. She has some great suggestions for items you can pick up for just $1 or $2.

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