Monday, February 13, 2012

Today's FREE Kindle Cook Books

Here is Today's Selection of FREE Kindle Cookbooks for healthy eating. Of course, be sure to double check the price and make sure it still says "Kindle Price: $0.00" before you download.

50 Low Carb Brown Bag Lunch Recipes : Easy To Follow & Less Than 30g of Carbohydrates Per Serving (The Green Gourmet) - "You are looking at this book because you already know and understand the advantages of a low carbohydrate diet for safe, healthy weight loss.

The exact quantity of carbohydrates you as an individual should consume will vary from person to person. The usual range is from 20 to 70 grams daily, dependent on the amount of regular weight training and cardio exercise you are undertaking.

All recipes in this book contain 30g of carbohydrate or less per serving."

INDIAN CURRY RECIPE BOOK - "cook and experience a wide range of delicious Indian meals. “For the new generation, quick easy delicious homemade South African Indian dishes!”
Step by step methods to cook the most divine Indian curries."

Easy Vegetarian Recipes - Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone - Vegetarian Recipes Easy -

Look Younger, Sexy & Thin Raw Food Recipes Series- Nutritious & Delicious Raw Breakfast - "Can Raw Breakfast Recipes make you look younger, sexy and thin? Of course, Mother Nature wouldn’t have it any other way.

Like the old adage states, “Life begets life”! Are you living or are you among the living dead?

Unfortunately, when we eat cooked food, it loses its zest for life and so do we. This leads to obesity, speeds the aging process, and hampers our disposition."

Lily's Little Cajun Cookbook - "Take a trip to the bayou with author Eric Wilder. Hear some of his favorite family stories and try twenty recipes from possibly the greatest Cajun-Creole cook on earth: his former mother-in-law. "

Look Younger, Sexy & Thin Raw Food Recipes Series-Book 4 ,Nutritious & Delicious Raw Snack Recipes -

Look Younger, Sexy & Thin Raw Food Recipes Series-Book 3,Nutritious & Delicious Raw Dinner Recipes

Look Younger, Sexy & Thin Raw Food Recipes Series-Book 2, Nutritious & Delicious Raw Lunch Recipes (Look Younger,Sexy & Thin Raw Food Recipes Series)

Raw Food Recipes: 10 of my Favorite Raw Food Recipes

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