Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today's FREE Kindle Books

Here are a list of e-books you can grab for free today. These are in Kindle format but you don't need a Kindle to read them, you can read them via the Kindle app which is available on pretty much any device. As always be sure to double check that the price still says "Kindle Price: $0.00" before you purchase, as prices can change at any time.

Veiled Eyes (Lake People) - "A vivid waking dream of giant cypress trees dripping with Spanish moss haunts Anna St. Thais. The trees sit on a black lake that resembles a dark Louisiana bayou with an evocative aura. The dream includes the presence of a man who seems to know Anna all too well and a group of people with strange telepathic powers, sometimes called veiled eyes. An orphan from Texas, she is on her way east to help out a friend when she encounters two terrifying things. Psychically, she begins to see and hear things through the eyes of an unknown individual, a man who knows more about her than she ever would have imagined. The second thing is that she has been kidnapped by a sociopathic trucker intent on making her his latest victim. When she is rescued by Gabriel Bergeron, a member of the elusive Lake People in Northwestern Louisiana, Anna doesn’t realize that he is her psychic counterpart and she has been inexplicably pulled to the area. She shares their strange colored gold eyes and their distinctive mental powers. They are a reclusive lot and know that Anna is one of them, but has been isolated by unknown circumstances. She is drawn into their incomparable world, something between that of the Creoles and Cajuns, and much in addition to those. There Anna finds a romantic link with Gabriel and the spine-tingling fear of not knowing who to trust. Her return has disturbed the inner workings of the group and threatens to expose secrets long concealed in the murky Louisiana bayous. There are secrets to be divulged about her past and why she was spirited away as an infant. Anna isn’t safe until she discovers the answers she so desperately requires. "

DreamWeaver - "Zeke Jackson's sister has gone missing in the jungles of Southeast Asia. His search for her takes him from the red light districts of Vietnam to the mean streets of New York.

Finally he finds the help he needs in the back alleys of one of South Africa's most notorious shanty towns. The DreamWeaver. But the things Zeke will have to do, and the price he'll have to pay to get Jane back are beyond anything he ever expected. "

The Solomon Key - "In the near future… an ancient relic will be found that will move the world’s most elite forces in pursuit of what may be the greatest treasure in history...

A treasure that could be the missing component in a global scheme to free the world… or enslave it.

Apocalypse looms as the one in possession of the relic is hunted down, carrying on his shoulders the secret sins of his past, the lives of millions, and the very fate of the world. "

The Lobbyist - "Tom Burton, former Chief Deputy to L.A. Supervisor John Howard, finds himself being investigated by attractive L.A. Times reporter Kathy Boyd, who has been assigned to Tom as a promising source for information on allegations of possible county corruption involving Tom’s ex-boss. But, Tom is no friend of the press and Kathy finds her assignment less than productive, until Tom finds himself the main suspect in Howard’s murder. With all evidence pointing in Tom’s direction, including knowledge that he had a grudge against Howard before his death, Tom sees the writing on the wall. Ultimately, Tom and Kathy find their unlikely pairing mutually advantageous, and a rocky relationship ensures. When the County Sheriff and District Attorney move to prosecute Tom, and Kathy becomes the target of drug dealers who she had exposed in past reporting, the two find their lives changed forever in ways they could never have imagined."

Lost Days - "For as long as she can remember, Hayley Wilkes has been oddly fascinated by her uncle Crew, the one everyone else in the family says is a bit “touched.” After her parents’ divorce, fifteen-year-old Hayley moves with her mom and brother into her grandparents’ house, where Uncle Crew lives in a room over the garage. It’s there she learns the source of her uncle’s trauma: when he was just four years old, Crew was lost in the woods of Lake Roosevelt, Washington, for over a year. He’s tormented by those lost days, and so Hayley makes it her mission to find out the truth about what happened to him so many years before. Delving into Crew’s past forges a fragile bond between the girl and her uncle and unexpectedly brings her face-to-face with a legendary creature whose very existence has long been a source of worldwide debate. Filled with quirky characters, Lost Days is an endearing coming-of-age novel about a loveable young girl who discovers that being different isn’t so bad after all. "

Classmate Murders - "Someone is murdering women from the class of '67 and it's up to Jim Richards, who has reluctantly just turned sixty, to stop him. Jim's life is in the dumps and then late one might he receives an email from a childhood sweetheart he hasn't seen in over 40 years, pleading for help but he doesn't get to her in time, she's been murdered. A killer is now stalking and killing his former female classmates for unknown reasons and Jim, along with his only friend Buck, a big, mustachioed biker, go off to track down the killer before he can get to one former classmate, Penny Wickens, a TV talk show host who Jim has just fallen for while protecting her. The killer is also murdering the women right out from under police protection, driving homicide detective Will Trapper crazy, and he slowly depends on Jim to help."

Canadian Meds - "Canadian Meds is a fastpaced novel that highlights the world of selling prescription meds over the Internet. Selling Web-based meds, particularly by Canadian companies, has exploded over the last few years with the rise of Boomers taking medications as well as costly prescription drug prices in the United States.

The story follows Bill Callahan, a former US corporate type who becomes an Internet drug-selling czar at a company he establishes in Edmonton called Tundra RX. The company turns out to be wildly profitable for Callahan who substitutes fake pills for real ones. The business takes off with aggressive marketing and sales tactics. Along the way, Callahan has help in building the business from the Chief Medical Officer at the company, Dr. Rakesh Gupta. Gupta has his own demons which include a budding pill addiction that he satisfies by sampling the company inventory and another is his love of Russian prostitutes in Montreal. The company’s business grows exponentially as do customer complaints as the buying public mysteriously gets unwanted and unexpected reactions to the watered-down drugs. The complaints snowball until the whole operation begins to unravel."

Pressed (The Reluctant Hero Series, Book Two) - "Reeling from the aftermath of a rogue CIA plot to destroy Moscow, the United States is caught unprepared when foreign hackers launch a cyber-attack on the Strategic Early Warning System. With the CIA in shambles, the President turns to ex-intelligence analyst Kurt Vetter and his mysterious partner Amanda Carter to hunt down the hackers and bring them to justice.

Little do they know this is the easy part... "

Three Ways to Die - "This collection gathers together three wildly acclaimed short stories --Jack Webb's Star, Remaindered, and Bumsickle -- by Edgar-nominated writer Lee Goldberg, author of the bestselling MONK and DIAGNOSIS MURDER series of original mystery novels.

In Jack Webb's Star, a struggling reporter comes up with a bizarre scheme in traffic school with an ex-con in a desperate attempt to reinvigorate his love life. Jack Webb's Star originally appeared in the anthology Hollywood and Crime.

In Remaindered, a once-famous novelist embarks on a self-financed book tour through middle America to save his career...and ends up having a fateful encounter. Remaindered originally appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and was a Reader's Choice Award finalist. It has also been reprinted in the Top Suspense anthology.

In Bumsickle, a homeless woman freezes to death, unlocking troubling memories for a weary cop and a powerful Chief of Police. Bumsickle originally appeared in the anthology Fedora III."

The Red Rooster - "Of all the desperate women in German-occupied Paris, Gabriela Reyes is the least likely to scratch out her survival as a whore for a Gestapo agent. After fascists murdered her mother and brother and tortured her father in an insane asylum, she hates the Germans as much as she fears them. But when she discovers the man responsible for destroying her family, she decides to become his mistress to try to free her father and avenge her family.

Helmut von Cratz is a war profiteer using his wealth to undermine the Third Reich and is one meeting with an American agent away from ending the German occupation of France.

But Gabriela's sudden appearance as Colonel Hoekman's mistress jeopardizes Helmut's careful plans. Now he must decide: will he abandon his plans, or will he sacrifice yet another woman to the German war machine. "

Barcode Booty: How I found and sold $2 million of 'junk' on eBay and Amazon, And you can, too, using your phone - "Learn how to use your cellphone as a treasure detector, and find items to resell at big profits. Find out which apps are the best, and how to use them.

Check prices instantly, and know your potential profits before risking a dime. Learn to resell on eBay and Amazon, and rake in the profits.

Find bargain inventory virtually anywhere--yard sales, retail stores, outlet malls, warehouse clubs, wholesale dealers, bargain basements, and online bulk suppliers. Learn to specialize in books, videos, games, toys, electronics, grocery, fashion, health and beauty, auto parts, niche regional products--or take them all!

Many books promise to teach you how to start an online business. Look closely, though, and you'll see that very few are written by someone who's really done it. Author Steve Weber has been a full-time, five-star seller on and eBay for 10 years!"

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